Debt Collection
Commercial & Consumer
Credit Reporting:
KYC-Credit report
Due Diligence: company
Due Diligence: Individual
Business Information
Legal Services

Debt Collection Services

Generally "No Collections – No Fee";
"Best practices" approach applied at all times to attempt a collection. Phone calls, letters, solicitors letter & field calls are used to settle the debt amicably without instigating legal action at the first stage;
Asset location & skip tracing services;
Regular reporting (monthly, quarterly or as development occurs) is provided;
Through our affiliate offices; full litigation & legal services.

KYC Reports

KYC is the due diligence and bank regulation that financial institutions and other regulated companies must perform to identify their clients and ascertain relevant information pertinent to doing financial business with them

Do you 'Know Your Customer'? Are you 'KYC' compliant?
If you are a:
mortgage manager
fund manager
bullion dealer
Or work in the:
Legal Profession
Accounting Profession
Bookmaking Industry
You may be required to 'KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER'
Locally verify company registration
Verify compliance with set standards
Country specific KYC Database search, if available
Media searches, Global and country specific
Detailed credit report
Directors Search
Criminal records search* if available
Individual credit report*if available
Verify Education, Employment, Qualification& membership*if available
Verify compliance with standards( UNBS,)
Media searches, Global &country specific

Due Diligence Company

1*X COMPANY/2x Directors
KYC credit report
Verify company Directors &/ offices
Directors Name Search for company&/ or Directors
Site inspection of premises, photo& report
Site Inspection

Due Diligence Individuals

Directors search
Criminal records report
Individual credit report
Verify Education, Employment, Qualifications & membership if available
Media searches ,Global & country Specific
Passport/ visa search* if available
No subscription Fees Apply

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